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5 Biggest Mistakes in Writing a Resume

Sometimes you have all the requirements and skills for the job are applying for but you do not get a response from the recruiter even though you think your resume is good. However, if you are not hearing back from the recruiter even though you meet the requirements of the job this, unfortunately, means that your resume is not portraying your achievements properly or contains some other mistakes. Sometimes there are some mistakes in a resume that we often overlook but they are important enough to make or break your entire job application.

This is one of the reasons it is advised that you have you either have your resume reviewed by someone else or have it reviewed by any of the review resume writing services in South Carolina. There is also a chance that your resume has all the right information but you have not included enough relevant information that the recruiter calls you back.

If you are wondering what went wrong with your resume and you want a resume that impresses the recruiter instantly and urges them to give you a call then here is a list of some common mistakes that you should avoid making in your resume at all costs. Steer clear of making these mistakes and you will receive an interview invitation in no time.

1. Not Using job Specific Keywords

      Most large and medium-scale companies use Applicant Tracking Software or ATS systems to filter out the best candidates for a job. ATS scans and ranks your resume based on how much your profile matches the requirements of the specific job. However, if your professional resume does not contain the specified keywords, the ATS will rank your resume poorly and it might never be viewed by a human before being discarded.

How to know what keywords the ATS system is looking for? Well, these keywords are hidden in plain sight in the job ad. They can be found under the job responsibilities heading in the job description. Just give the job ad a thorough read and you will be able to find all of these keywords that show what the recruiter is looking for in a candidate. Include these keywords in your resume under the Skills section and you are good to go! 

 2. Using a Generic Resume

Using the same general resume to apply for every other job is the biggest mistake you can ever make. The job application process has become much more advanced and a tailored resume is all it is about now. Your resume needs to be tailored to fit the job description you are applying for. A recruiter can identify a general resume in a second and chances are that they will dispose of your resume or it will end up in a shredder without even a proper read. Your resume should help the recruiter see that you are the perfect candidate for the job who matches their criteria.

Tailor your resume by adding the relevant skills and keywords required for a specific job. Remember, you need to tailor your resume every time you apply for a new job position. If your resume is tailored to fit the job description then there is absolutely no reason for the recruiter to not get back to you.

  1. Not Including Quantifiable Achievements

When you update your resume, one of the most important aspects of it is that you get a clear picture of your career path and tells you how far you have come. It also shows your growth and the progress you made throughout your career. You can also keep a track of the progress you made. It can also highlight your career milestones, such as promotions, awards, or significant achievements. An updated resume highlights your major achievements and provides a more enhanced view of your professional journey.

3. Not Including Quantifiable Achievements

A lot of people fill their resume with daily tasks and responsibilities but this is not something that will impress the recruiter since they already know the basic responsibilities of that job. They know that you have performed these tasks, what they are interested in knowing is how good you are at them. So, make sure you include quantifiable achievements in your resume by using figures and data that prove your success at a certain task. Including key achievements in your resume will elevate it and you will be able to make a bigger impact on the recruiter.

Also, a recruiter views hundreds of resumes for a single job position, and chances are that everyone applying for the job had the same tasks and responsibilities as you however, including accomplishments and achievements will make you stand out from the other candidates.

4. Making an Extra Lengthy Resume

One of the most common misconceptions regarding a resume is that a long resume is equivalent to a good resume however, this is not true and an effective resume is always precise and short. According to research, a recruiter only spends 7 seconds to review a resume and they scan all the necessary information. If your resume is 5 pages long then the recruiter will not be able to get all the important information from it in just 7 seconds and you will be termed incompatible. While there is no standard length for a resume, a resume should not be longer than 2 pages unless you are an executive-level professional with decades of professional experience.

Make sure you include only the data in your resume that will help the recruiter see why you are perfect for the job, do not include any explanations or give reasons in your resume, and keep your sentences as short and concise as possible. Remember, you will get the chance to discuss everything in detail when you go for the interview. If your resume is precise, it will also help the recruiter to read it easily and extract all the information about you by skimming through it within seconds.

5. Not Proofreading Your Resume

Not even experienced writers are safe from typos and spelling mistakes. According to professional resume writing services in South Carolina, if you do not read your resume at least twice before sending it in then you are making a big mistake. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in a resume give the message that you are an irresponsible and undedicated candidate who does not give enough thought to serious matters.

A lot of people believe that having a few mistakes in your resume is not a big deal but believe us when we say that it is. Make sure you proofread your resume or have someone else give it a read before you send it to the recruiter. You can also run your resume through any online spelling and grammar-checking software like Grammarly.


These are five of the most common and biggest mistakes that people make without even knowing about. These mistakes may seem minor but they are significant enough to land your resume in the ‘rejected’ pile. Make sure your resume does not have any of the following mistakes and that it is perfect in every way before you send it in so that it impresses the recruiter. Your resume is the first thing that a recruiter sees and you must use it to make a positive impression on the recruiter this can only be done if your resume does not contain major mistakes.  

Our team understands that each of our clients are different with dynamic goals requiring a professional resume, CV or optimized LinkedIn profile to get noticed and land interviews.


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