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Maintaining Professionalism: Common Mistakes to Avoid in 2 Weeks Notice Letters


Leaving your current job to avail a new opportunity is an exciting time and a big step in your professional life. While you prepare to take on a new challenge in your career, you also need to wrap up loose ends at your current job by writing 2 weeks notice letter. When you are leaving a job, you have to give your employer two weeks’ notice so that they can prepare certain arrangements to replace someone in your absence.

Offering 2 weeks notice letter is a professional way of leaving the company on good terms. This document will officially end your time as an employee in your current company, therefore, it needs to be treated seriously and properly. Therefore, you must learn what to include in this letter to maintain a positive connection with your employers even when you leave the company.

The Ultimate Guide for Writing a 2 Weeks Notice Letter

A 2 weeks notice letter is an ethical way of leaving a company. They help you and your employer split positively and this sort of relationship helps you create a long-lasting relationship with your previous employers as well. Before we jump into details, let’s cover the basics of a 2 weeks notice letter.

What is a 2 Weeks Notice Letter?

A 2 weeks notice letter is a document that is sent to your supervisor detailing your coming departure. When you are leaving a job, it is customary to give at least two weeks’ notice to your employer so that they can find a replacement or delegate your responsibilities to others. By writing a notice letter 2 weeks, you get the time to finish any remaining projects, train others, or prepare instructions for the tasks you perform daily and inform your colleagues of your departure positively and professionally.

Once you have decided to leave the job and are ready to write the 2 weeks notice letter, you must check your employee handbook to see who you should address and deliver it to. Most companies have a policy that requires you to give verbal notice to your supervisor or manager and send a letter to the Human Resources department to keep it in your employee file.

What to Include in a 2 Weeks Notice Letter

Writing a two weeks notice letter can be an extremely daunting task, especially when you want to end your current job on good terms with your employer and colleagues. However, despite several proofreads, your notice letter could miss something that could be important for the employer. Therefore, here are the essential items to include in your 2 weeks notice letter, so that you can end your relationship with your current organization on a positive note:

A Clear Statement Expressing the Intent of Your 2 Weeks Notice Letter

It is better to state early in your notice letter that you are officially resigning from your current position. By expressing your intent earlier, the recipient will know the purpose of the letter which will compel him/her to read further.

Provide Appropriate Notice

As stated earlier, before writing your notice letter 2 weeks, you must check the employee handbook regarding the company’s resigning policy. They could have a two weeks notice period requirement or a 30-day notice requirement as well. After reviewing the company’s policy, you must give your job the exact amount of notice they typically require. It is also better if you state the last date of your employment with the company.

Offer a Transition Plan

It is usually very difficult for employers to find someone to cover your work, especially when you are part of a very niche field. If possible, you must help your supervisor by training other employees to complete your current tasks. You can even pass on your skills to any person so that they can complete the projects you are working on and understand how to complete the remaining work so it is easier to find and sort through after you depart.

Include a Short Explanation About Why You are Leaving

Whenever leaving the company, you must give them the reason for your departure. You can state facts such as you found a new job opportunity somewhere else, you are moving, you are going back to school, or any other valid reason. Whenever explaining your reason for leaving, make sure you keep it brief. If you do not have any reason to state in your 2 weeks notice letter, simply write that you have decided to pursue another opportunity.

Express Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is the most important 2 weeks notice letter etiquette because it shows your appreciation for the skills you have learned and the opportunity you were given. Every job offers you something for which you can be grateful, therefore, you must include a short thankful expression to show your employer that you are a thoughtful individual even upon your departure from the company.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in 2 Weeks Notice Letters

Although thousands of people give their notice every month, however, they are bound to a few mistakes and errors that can interfere with their desire to leave on a professional note. Here are a few mistakes that you need to avoid while writing your notice letter:

Negative Comments About Your Supervisors

Every person has their own personality and communication style; therefore, you don’t need to go along with every manager you have ever worked with. Even if you are leaving the organization because of something they did, you need to remain professional and leave out any negative comments about them.

Most people don’t take the message the way you are trying to communicate, therefore, it may lead to several consequences, such as being given a bad reference that can prevent you from getting another job. It is better if you stay neutral and professional in your 2 weeks notice letter because it is the best way to depart from the company professionally.

Criticism of Your Colleagues

Your office colleagues can either be your best friends or your worst enemies, but mentioning their non-professional side in your notice letter is not worth it. Avoid criticizing your colleagues and including any opinions you have about them.

Negativity or criticism is not something that you need to include in your notice letter 2 weeks. Some companies even ask you to submit a review of your experience at their company, so, if you have any negative opinions about your colleagues, it is best to leave that for the review.

Inappropriate Language

While many employees leave companies in frustration and anger, it is better to remain calm and professional throughout the notice letter. You must refrain from using any inappropriate language regardless of how you feel about why you are leaving. You should control your emotions and write your letter when you are in a good state of mind to ensure your letter does not offend the recipient.

Mentioning Your New Job

Mentioning your new job, position, or salary is a major mistake people make when writing their 2 weeks notice letter. Although you have to provide your employer with a general reason for leaving the company you are not liable to give them specific details for resigning from your role. Your new job offers, title, and salary are none of your current company’s business, and that’s why it is unnecessary to provide an explanation for this in your notice letter.

An Overly Positive Tone

If the employers already know that you are not satisfied with your position, and despite that, you use an overly positive tone and language about the company, then the employers may perceive it as a sarcastic and even offensive tone. Therefore, you must keep your tone neutral but try to portray positivity and professionalism as well.

Reasons You Hated Your Job So Much

You could have hundreds of reasons to hate your job, but in any case, you must not project bitterness. Expressing negativity depicts that you are still holding grudges for the company, which eventually looks very unprofessional.

In your 2 weeks notice letter, you must mention the positive aspects of your current job and what you learned, even if you have to be vague. When your boss knows that you have problems in your job and you don’t raise them in your letter, you will earn their respect through your professional approach.

Indicating Immediate Departure from the Company

Unless you have to leave under emergency circumstances, it is best to give proper notice before leaving. You likely would not be considered for rehiring or be given a good reference if you provide a resignation letter that states you are leaving right away. Therefore, it is important to check the company’s policy on resignations to ensure a professional departure.



2 weeks notice letter are part of everyone’s career, and you may go through several during your career journey. Whenever you write a notice letter, always remember to stay professional and positive because your attitude during this process can highly affect your future job prospects.

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