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Professional Cover Letter

A cover letter along with a resume is vital and effective, ideal for many recruiters to connect with individuals. A cover letter is a one-page document that goes along with the resume to make the recruiter better comprehend the candidate. If a candidate got a perfect resume, shortlisted the best jobs to fit in, applied for the jobs, and didn’t receive a callback, this is a most common case of a candidate, missing a cover letter or a cover letter creating a bad impression.

The basic purpose of a cover letter is to introduce and summarize the experiences and backgrounds. The resume needs a supplement to impress the recruiter called a cover letter. Boosting up your resume and job process is never a bad idea, attaching a cover letter along with the resume can create several benefits, it enhances the chances to get a response quicker and insights recruiter about the candidate more thoroughly.

At ConquerResume, we create cover letters that are specially customized according to the job requirements of the customer. Being one of the top professional Resume writing services in South Carolina, we understand that every job needs a different cover letter to explain how a candidate is the best fit for the job while mentioning experience and skills that can contribute to the targeted job. It helps a candidate to stand out from the rest of the applications received by the recruiter.

Why is a professional cover letter important?

A cover letter is important and perceived as a positive gesture while applying for a job, cover letters answers some basic questions to employers, who you are, why you want to get in, and what skills you got? These questions are professionally answered by a cover letter that tells the story of the career and skills. Writing a cover letter also showcases the writing skills of the candidate and allows the candidate to highlight the strengths that are undisclosed in the resume. Cover letters are formal greetings and represent the commitment and dedication of the candidate for the opportunity with the benefit of standing out within the pipeline of the recruiter.

Including a professional cover letter in your job application will make you stand out from the rest of the candidates as a lot of people do not apply with a cover letter, this will instantly make you a better potential candidate in the eyes of the recruiter.

A professional cover letter is also your chance of developing a personal connection with the recruiter as resumes are usually really formal and do not give you the chance to elaborate on some of the things you might want to such as why you would be a perfect candidate for the said job or how you can work for the betterment of the company.

Why we Create the Best Professional Cover Letters

It is mandatory to take care of basic things while preparing a cover letter, the cover letter should not be ambiguous but a story about the candidate that showcases the skills and experience along with how the candidate is the best fit for the position and the company. We understand the job markets all around the world and especially the job market in South Carolina and our experience helps us create the best professional cover letters that are bound to catch the attention of the recruiter. These are some of the things that we consider while writing a cover letter:

Story Telling

Put yourself in the position of the employer and answer the questions by telling a story, questions like what is your profession, how experienced you are, and why should the company hire you? We create cover letters that tell a compelling story while covering all the answers and indicating why you are the best fit for the position and the company.

Quantifiable Data

While telling your achievements and experiences support your case, including figurative and quantifiable data will make them more validated and credible. At ConquerResume, we believe that quantifiable data is the best way to make a solid impression on the recruiter which they will not be able to deny due to the factual nature of the information, this will instantly make your job application a priority in the pipeline.

Writing Style and Relevancy

Style matters a lot! A successful cover letter is one written politely and sincerely, writing difficult words and complex sentences may create a bad impression. Ensuring clarity and a sense of the context will take it higher. The cover letter should also look coherent and relevant to the resume as its purpose is to complement the resume and not look like a completely different document on its own.

No Misrepresentation

While a lot of professional resume writing services include made-up stuff about their clients in their resume to help them impress the recruiter, at ConquerResume we believe honesty is the best policy! Writing experiences and achievements that do not have any evidence may affect the integrity of the candidate which will, unfortunately, result in the rejection of the job application. Our professional resume writers write the skills that you actually have in a way that they become shinier and you get the job without ever having to lie about anything.

Typos and Grammatical Errors

Our team of professional resume writers go through the final draft to ensure there are no mistakes or grammatical errors in your cover letter. We believe, a small mistake can create the worst impression and that is why we make sure your cover letter is spotless. The cover letter is proofread end-to-end before we send it to you so that when you receive it, it is good to go and you do not have to put in any extra effort.

Cover letters are important and act as a catalyst to enhance your submitted resume, creating higher chances of hearing back from the recruiter. Cover letters impress the employer and make the first impression more prompt. Writing the cover letter involves many important aspects to be taken care of, including keywords that make applications rank higher. A bad cover letter can result in the rejection of the application instantly, making sure that grammar and sentence structure are perfect with clarity can raise the chances of hearing back while sending a cover letter and resume, it is essential to prepare a well-drafted email that is sent from a professional email address to raise even more chances of getting hired or hearing back from the employer faster.

Our team understands that each of our clients are different with dynamic goals requiring a professional resume, CV or optimized LinkedIn profile to get noticed and land interviews.


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