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Professional CV

Personal Information

Your full name and contact details, such as your phone number, email address, registered mailing address, etc. are included at the top of the CV which makes it visible and easier for the recruiter to get back to you. However, information like your gender, birth date, government-issued ID number, marital status, and nationality is still not advisable. If the private details are asked by your employer or are pertinent to the position you are applying for, you may decide to include them.

Complete Work History

In the job experience section, a CV must list all the work experience that you have had in detail. Listing down the work experiences will include the job title, organization name, the daily tasks, and responsibilities you had, and the start and end dates for each position you’ve previously held.

Our professional writers create the work experience section in a way that your daily job responsibilities appear relevant to the requirements of the targeted job. This section also includes any accolades or honors that you were granted by the employer. Usually, the work section is written in reverse chronological order which means that your most-recent position comes first.

Detailed Educational Background

It is necessary to include a thorough educational background in a CV. Details about the colleges, graduate programs, and post-graduate institutions you attended as well as the courses you took and the year you completed the degree should all be included in the education section. From the degree name to the name of the institute to any relevant coursework or projects that you completed that will help you look better for the targeted position; nothing should be missed out on. It is also advisable to include the CGPA if it is higher than 3.0.

Honorary Awards

Honorary Awards are the best way of standing out among a sea of candidates. This section includes any accolades you’ve received, whether at the academic level or during your prior career. Dean awards, honorary degrees, presidential awards, professional certificates or accolades, and corporate prizes for excellence are all examples of awards.


At ConquerResume, we list down all the skills that you have in a way that makes your CV ATS-friendly as well as keyword optimized. The skill section includes soft skills as well as hard skills and technical skills. Although many candidates believe that soft skills are useless, 60% of recruiters believe them to be just as important as hard skills.

Academic or Corporate Research Publications

This area includes any academic research or conference papers that you have published. It includes publications that you have completely written, papers that you have co-authored with others, and papers to which you have contributed. A professional CV includes every detail, like the title of the publications, the year they were published, and the names of any co-authors, if applicable. It also applies to the papers delivered at conferences and associations, by mentioning the name of the paper, the name of the conference, and the date the paper was presented.


The prospective employer may require applicants to be members of certain professional associations. This section primarily applies to certain jobs such as accountants, engineers, surveyors, and information technology experts. Listing all the professional organizations and associations you are part of, as well as the state of your membership, will help your case even more.

Elements important in the formation of a CV

The CV should be neither too long nor too short. The length of your CV is determined by your education and professional experience over the years. The CV length for entry-level positions might be one to two pages, while it can be up to six pages for positions requiring higher qualifications and more experienced employees.


When drafting a CV, we use an extremely simple typeface and use it throughout the document. Our team has top CV writers in all of South Carolina, and they understand that formatting is just as important as writing. Fonts like Garamond, Calibri, Cambria, and Times New Roman are among the approved font styles. Text size should range from 10 to 12 points. The headers should be bolded to separate them from the rest of the information and to help structure the CV.


Your chances of being chosen for an interview will be ruined if you submit a CV that has spelling, tense, or grammatical problems. Even though many people believe that one small mistake will not hurt, this is not the case. We proofread your CV numerous times and fix any mistakes before emailing it to you so that you get a mistake-free and perfect end result.

What is the Difference between a CV and a Resume
Curriculum Vitae

A CV is a lengthy document that includes a lot of personal information and describes every stage of your professional progress. The CV may be seen as a thorough overview of all of your past activities, together with a list of your key accomplishments and best professional achievements.

A CV should be updated whenever you attain a new academic or professional goal. in other words, if you begin a new job, publish a new paper, get a new certification, etc., your CV should be revised.

A CV can be between two and six pages long, depending on the candidate’s degree of experience; there is no standard length for one.

What to include In a professional CV
  • Full name
  • Contact information
  • Profile Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Publications
  • Skills
  • Certificates
  • Languages
  • A résumé is a succinct, direct document created with the goal of applying for a specific job. A resume, in contrast to a CV, is brief and concise. In most cases, a resume is two pages long. If you have more than 15 years of experience or if you honestly feel that the extra information you may give would boost your application, it can be kept more than two pages long.

    A resume contains information about your skills and job history that is relevant to the position you are applying for. 


What constitutes a resume 
  • Full name
  • Contact information
  • Profile Summary
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Relevant skills
  • Optional Section (certifications, publications, awards, etc.)

We offer the best professional CV writing services that help you make a solid impression on the recruiter. Our CV writers are highly experienced and each CV we create is a thorough overview of the client that has all the necessary details that a recruiter looks for. If you are confused between either getting a CV or a resume, our prompt customer support agents will help you pick the best option for your professional needs and objectives.


Our team understands that each of our clients are different with dynamic goals requiring a professional resume, CV or optimized LinkedIn profile to get noticed and land interviews.


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