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Professionally Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

The world of technology keeps evolving continuously and pushes various things with its fast-paced advancement. Businesses and individuals have emerged with many innovative processes from recruiting to selling their services and products. This social era came up with a new solution “LinkedIn” to interact with formal connections instantly, creating a monopoly for being a “Business Platform” and building strong professional connections via a social app and website. Operating since 2002, LinkedIn got into the spotlight this decade, making it famous with almost a billion users throughout the globe.

LinkedIn is labeled as the “Social Resume” for being the finest recruitment platform for employers and job seekers. Besides being a top business platform LinkedIn is also renowned for job and talent hunting, research revealed that more than a million companies are looking for talent using LinkedIn as the only source of recruitment and more than forty-nine million users across the globe are searching for a job each week. Sixty-seven percent of recruiters use LinkedIn for checking a candidate`s profile whether the lead was generated from LinkedIn or not. LinkedIn enables recruiters and job hunters to connect with each other instantly.

LinkedIn profile denotes you, who you are, what you do, and what is your expertise, crafting a stunning profile is never a bad idea especially when it opens the opportunity to connect with people to boost your career.

If you are hunting for a job, LinkedIn is the fastest and most reliable platform internationally, though the company receives thousands of resumes for a single job post you have to do something incredible to stand out in the queue just as optimizing your LinkedIn profile professionally.  The major problem faced by individuals on LinkedIn is not receiving a call back from the recruiter which can be resolved by professionally optimizing LinkedIn, creating higher chances of hearing back from recruiters as compared to a normal profile. A professionally optimized LinkedIn Profile has many more benefits to count.

Benefits of a professionally optimized LinkedIn Profile

  • Higher ranking in search engines: Many individuals are unaware of ranking their profile on the top of search results, as SEO, LinkedIn optimization also involves representing the profile on the top of search results through keywords, ranking it to be viewed by recruiters creates higher chances of being contacted and impress the recruiter.
  • Building connections: Network is Net worth, Optimized LinkedIn profile helps build a more relevant connection that can be useful in every single step while hunting for a job or recruiting.
  • Social Resume: LinkedIn is branded as a Social Resume if you are hunting for a job, optimized LinkedIn profile helps you to showcase your skills and knowledge to recruiters professionally and raise the chances of getting hired faster.
  • Stay Updated: When you have an optimized LinkedIn profile that attracts more connections and keeps you stay connected and updated about your surroundings and advancement trending in the boundaries.

ConquerResume is recognized all over South Carolina for providing the best resume writing services and is all you need! Ordering a professional LinkedIn profile optimization from us helps you create a better representation of yourself, and showcase your skills and expertise. ConquerResume`s expert writing team has the experience and vast knowledge in diversified fields that help you fill all your requirements to the best fit!

How to optimize LinkedIn professionally

To get your profile praised on LinkedIn and have a journey from profile to recruiter’s dialer it is essential to optimize your LinkedIn. Filling up the complete information is not enough, optimizing makes you rank higher and creates the impression of your presence on LinkedIn. Here are some tips to enhance your LinkedIn profile professionally:


Tell that All! A summary is all about your past experience, skills, and expertise to be noted. 2000-word limit can`t stop telling you what you got! Creating a robust summary involves including keywords to rank higher in search results and increase visibility to recruiters. The summary may involve your likes and experiences which represents the real you. Keeping it professionally optimized keeps you in a safe zone to be contacted by a recruiter visiting your profile.

Attractive Headline

Your Headline is the first thing that is noticed while visiting the profile, creating a striking headline matters a lot. The headline is used as a spotlight in the profile, at ConquerResume we make sure to use it to its full potential by creating a catchy and SEO-friendly headline.

Optimize all the Information

Optimizing all the information enhances the chances of visibility, optimizing all include your profile photo, geographical location, and updated information such as current position and past experiences. Keywords used in optimizing are the most important tool while working on an optimized profile. 

Update professional profile picture

Many users take random pictures/selfies to be used as their profile photos, that’s unprofessional! LinkedIn is a professional platform that uploads a photo that has clear visibility and a simple background to create a proficient impression.

Adding Skills

Add the skills you got! Concentrating on technical/ hard skills makes you hired faster. Keeping a skillset on your social resume makes it easy for recruiters to know more about you! Making it convenient for the recruiter to match the job description with the skills you showcased enhances the chance of contacting you.

Demonstrate your Expertise

Keep your profile updated by sharing knowledge about your field and expertise to stay in the limelight and attention, it will also increase the engagement at your profile. Post, share, and likes are all shared on LinkedIn which helps the recruiter to explore your interest.

Why choose us

Our LinkedIn Optimization team is just a tap away to be at your service! a better platform needs a better profile, our experienced writers got you all covered with a hassle-free process and constant support. We believe our writers are our best resources, and keeping an extensive knowledge in diversified industries and fields makes us the one-stop for all your LinkedIn needs. At ConquerResume, we constantly focus on quality to raise the chances of hearing back from recruiters. With a high retention rate of satisfied customers, we claim to be one of the best resume writing and LinkedIn optimization services in South Carolina.

Our team understands that each of our clients are different with dynamic goals requiring a professional resume, CV or optimized LinkedIn profile to get noticed and land interviews.


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