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Resume Writing Checklist for the 2023 Job Market

Let’s be real, the job market is changing tremendously.

Do you know there’s a robot checking your resumes now?

So, how do you actually beat these bots and ride the waves of the ever-changing employment sea?

Well, as the millennials like to say “Modern problems require modern solutions”.

If you still have the same resume that you did in 2010 or have been working at the same job for many years then the chances are, to put it lightly, your resume will lose the battle against the bots. If have not edited your resume in a while, then you are in for a surprise because the market has changed a lot. An updated resume is not only a must-have if you are thinking of joining a new company but it is also a requirement if you want to switch up your role at your current job and want to take your professional career to the next level. A professional resume is not just updated so that it contains all your latest achievements and qualifications but it also includes all the elements that align with the new job market objectives. Although resumes are considered just as valuable, if not more, than they used to be back in the day, they have changed immensely.

Online job searching platforms and websites have gained massive popularity and many companies are now searching for employees through portals like LinkedIn and Indeed. This leads to a rise in applicants and due to the increased number of applicants for the same job, competition has become tough. To make a positive impression on recruiters, a resume should be flawless and contain all the required information. A lot of online professional resume writing services have also opened up. This resume writing checklist will assist you in revamping your resume to meet contemporary standards of the current job market which may increase your chances of securing an interview.

  1. Profile Summary

Recruiters are no longer interested in knowing what job seekers want from a job which means the most famous “objective summary” section has been outdated. With a surge in the number of candidates, companies now focus on what a candidate can offer them, rather than the other way around. This is where the new star of the resumes, a “profile summary” comes into play.

Profile Summaries are brief, typically consisting of 7 to 8 sentences, that highlight your work experience and significant achievements. They emphasize how you can contribute to the organization’s growth and what value you can bring to the table if you are hired. It is advised to avoid using generic profile summary templates and instead create a personalized one to make your resume stand out.

  1. Relevant Keywords

Robots have not yet taken over the world, but the same cannot be said about them taking over the recruiting process as they have certainly become an essential component of it. All the big corporations and multinationals use ATS (Applicant Tracking System), a software that scans through thousands of resumes the big firms receive in a day. The software evaluates your resume by comparing your professional information with the job description criteria and then ranks it accordingly.

To ensure your resume ranks high in the ATS system, you need to use relevant keywords in it. These keywords can be found from the job responsibility section of the job description. Incorporating these keywords will convince the recruiter that you possess the required qualifications and skills. However, it’s crucial to be truthful while including these keywords and not to mention any skills that you don’t have solely for the sake of ranking higher.

  1. Quantifiable Data and Achievements

Gone are the days where resume merely listed daily job duties and responsibilities. Today, recruiters seek resumes that showcase career progress through achievements and accomplishments. Demonstrating quantifiable data is vital as recruiters want to see the evidence supporting the key achievements listed. It is no longer enough to list achievements with vague adjectives and self-praise. Including actual figures and facts is necessary to validate your qualifications.

Providing quantitative evidence sets your resume apart from others that rely solely on embellishing language, as anyone can use such language. Including quantifiable data is essential since numbers don’t lie, and recruiters will place higher importance on resumes that provide factual evidence.

  1. Include a Cover Letter and a Portfolio

A cover letter can be advantageous and impactful when applying for a job. However, many individuals overlook this opportunity to impress recruiters. By including a cover letter, you can demonstrate your dedication and enthusiasm for the job while also establishing a personal connection with the recruiter. Additionally, a cover letter allows you to include important personal information that may not fit in your resume.

Including a portfolio is also essential if you work in a creative or writing industry. Include links to your published work to impress the recruiter even more and win them over. Portfolios verify your experience and are a good way of making the recruiter see all that you have achieved in your career.

  1. Concise and Clear

Let go of the belief that the longer the resume, the better it is. According to the current job market, a resume should not exceed two pages, except for executives with ten or more years of experience. However, omitting crucial details is not the solution. Instead, write succinct sentences that provide recruiters with all necessary information. Personal information, such as age, marital status, or religion, is not necessary and should not be included.

Professional resume writing services in South Carolina suggest that recruiters only spend about seven seconds reviewing a resume. Therefore, the format should be clear and concise enough for recruiters to extract all the essential information within this brief time frame. Use bullet points to highlight achievements and use bold formatting for figures and statistics. This way, recruiters can easily scan your resume and obtain all pertinent information.

Avoid using complicated vocabulary or jargon, as recruiters may not be familiar with it. Use simple language to make your resume easy to read. To ensure your resume meets modern standards and stands out from other applicants, consider the following checklist.

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