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Tips to Write a Perfect Freelancer Resume

A resume is a great tool to showcase your expertise to potential clients or your dream organizations in order to secure either a project or a job. Sadly, the majority of freelancers aren’t aware of the proper use of resumes to market their services or communicate their experiences to clients. But those who use it will certainly admit that it’s a most important tool to explain the most complex information about your previous jobs, experiences, and qualifications in the simplest form.

Freelancing is the best way to gain experience and develop new skills to add to your resume. Whether freelancing is your main line of work or an additional component of your career, learning how to include freelance work on your resume will help you stand out from other candidates throughout the hiring process.

Freelancer resumes are normally same as the conventional resumes. However, it could really be a hard task to create a freelancer’s resume without knowing about its major ingredients of it. Unlike conventional resumes, a freelancer’s resume needs some additional elements added in a technical and concise way, considering the versatility of any freelancer in the industry. Therefore, this article is going to be your best guide on how to write a perfect freelancer resume in 2023 to secure your dream jobs and projects.  

You can write your freelancer resume in the same way as you would write a normal resume but you need to draft your freelance experience, projects, and journey in the easiest way possible. Moreover, instead of the gig-to-gig format, it is advisable to choose a skill-based resume format as hiring authorities are more interested in your skills and achievements as a freelancer than your qualifications or job experiences.

The most important and distinguishing factor between conventional and freelancer resumes is how well drafted your work as a freelancer is in the resume. Follow the below-mentioned steps to write a powerful resume as a freelancer.

Ingredients Of Listing Freelance Work on Resume  

  • Listing what your position/role was in a given freelance opportunity.

Your job offer is much more likely to be accepted if you can demonstrate that the job requirements have been successfully completed before. It may seem like a natural addition to your resume, but it would be important and wise letting the clients know about your past roles in the given opportunities. Whether the project is big or small, freelancers need to give potential clients insight into their history of successful work and in what capacities they have completed the projects.

For an instance, if you are applying for the post of copywriter, you should mention the projects you have completed as a copywriter or content writer before to make it easy for an employer to see if your relevant candidate or not.

  • Adding a timeline of your freelance opportunity.

Listing the timeline, including the start and end date, of a particular past project of yours can assist potential clients, recruiters, and hiring managers understand the extent to which you have worked in a particular industry and the amount of experience you have in it. Additionally, this data indicates how long you last worked in the field, the hiring gap, or how long you stayed in a job opening. This part of your resume can enhance your work experience and introduce you to long-term or regular clients.

For example, if a client wants to know the gap between your last and recent content writing project, they should be easily able to see it on your resume. The gap within your projects of the same nature can highly influence the decision of recruiters for hiring you.

  • Giving references of your clients/businesses you have worked for in the past

Adding the names of companies or clients you have freelanced for in the past will make your project experience more credible in the eyes of your potential future clients. Additionally, listing these past clients can serve as an industry reference for your work. If potential clients learn that you have worked for similar companies, they may find you use in the hiring process. It will become more prominent.

For example, while applying for a job as a research writer, it would be of great benefit to mention the name of clients or businesses you have worked for in the same capacity in past. This way, your potential employer can know your relevance and credibility for the job.

  • Adding a summary of what was done in the previous job

Suppose a potential client does not understand the roles and responsibilities within a project. In this case, it can be overlooked by applicants who are good at describing their work experience. That’s why it’s important to add information about what you’ve done for other clients.

A summary of your description of the previous work must only show your responsibilities but should also demonstrate your achievements in the previous work.

For example, Creative content writer for Xyz company (April 2022- July 2022)

Published articles and blogs on behalf of the client attracting 100k new visitors to the site.

 Best Practices to List Down the Jobs on Freelancer’s Resume


There are different resume formats and stylistic guidelines when putting together your resume. But to make it easier, we’ve compiled the most important things to consider when writing your resume. These best practices will help your freelance resume stand out and get you more interviews.

  • Clarity and conciseness: Use fair and concise language to get to the point in your Your resume should be written in a professional tone, free of spelling and grammatical errors. That said, it’s also important not to overstate your words or stuff your resume with unnecessary jargon. As using long words can alienate the reader, it is vital to balance being professional and knowledgeable without overdoing it.
  • Adding achievements and end results of the previous job: Potential clients might need to see what you accomplished and achieved through your past projects more than what your job role was.  Always try to mention the end results of your work. For example, if you created an advertisement for your client, you must mention sales conversions, increase in revenue after the ad, budget constraints, etc.
  • Add your past clients as references: Mention the names, addresses, and contacts of the previous clients you have worked for so that you may sound credible to the potential client.


If you follow these steps correctly, you will soon get your dream project. Each and every detail in your resume must showcase your importance to the potential client. You can also order a professional resume from one of the affordable resume writing services in South Carolina. A professional resume written by an experienced writer will make the reader see how important you could be as a resource in terms of the past experience you have, the way your work has contributed to the growth of any business of a client, and the set of skills you have. 

Our team understands that each of our clients are different with dynamic goals requiring a professional resume, CV or optimized LinkedIn profile to get noticed and land interviews.


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